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Tecpro Loudspeaker Station - Build my own?

Will Perkins

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Hi all,


I'm interested to know if anyone has, or would know the best way about building my own comms loudspeaker station (Like this: http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/2000469/27-312_TECPRO-LS312T-Loudspeaker-station-multi-circuit-metal-case). It seems fairly straight forward until you consider that there must be some description of an amplifier in the Canford boxes. I have an old belt pack than I can use the insides of and a basic knowledge of electronics from my school days - but I'm after any advice and ideally a diagram if someone has done this before?


All for the usual reasons that a box like this would make life easier on some shows, yet even at a clearance price of £250, it's still a bit steep for the amount it will be used!

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As soon as we have some Bluecom boards available, you will be able to connect a BIG speaker to the headphone output! You can also intercept the signal at various points on the board on a six-way connector. One of those points is the output of the hybrid so an external amp can be connected if required.


Unfortunately we have been held up a bit by paid work and PCB delivery dates, but we should have finished boards in a week or two.

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