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Festoon Curtain/Ruched curtain...


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Don't you just LOVE last minute clamour for staging items...


Have a show in next week (rigging on Saturday) where the company want a ruched curtain, some might call a festoon backdrop/curtain. I was under the impression that they'd sorted it, and they sort of have, but the one they've booked is nowhere near big enough.


Ideally it also needs to be raised/lowered with multiple lines along the vertical seams, and sadly the booked one doesn't appear to be capable of that.


Hawthorns have one in stock which could well do the job size wise BUT would need modifying with eyes for the lines and pulleys adding.


I'm struggling to find any hire options at this short notice, so am appealing to those on the BR for definite options.


This is the sort of thing I mean...




It's too late in the day for 'You could do....' options - I need something that's ideally 9m by 5.5m with the rope line gubbins included. Preferably red, but would consider other colours at a push.

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Sadly I know where there is probably a much smaller one still extant but nothing close to your size (handily similar to our fly height at work).


Have you tried Acre Jean, Blackout, Scenic Projects, Proscenium and Perry Scenic?

They'd be my main contacts, also locally Birmingham Rep and the Belgrave. If they don't have one they might know who does.


I've also done the same hack-together as Tom, both with grippons and with a needle and thread.

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We don't actually have one as such, just the small one that's been ordered (and I'm guessing will be cancelled.


However, I can't believe I didn't think about the Hold-ons/Gripons - we have dozens of the things, so that could very well be the solution if the Hawthorns' cloth comes in at the right prices.



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