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Multicore problems


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I have recently tried making a 16 channel multicore

Im using a metal stagebox and all the connections are metal.

I have two speakon running through a seperate speaker cable

And a DMX input running through another seperte cable,

When I first wired it I got a very loud hum from it which then turned into a loud farting noise if I turned it up to a certain level. I re-wired the whole lot and now the forst 8 channels work, but the last 8 dont! Theyre stillgetting the noise!


I have used the ground cable on the pin aswell as the connector chassis. Is this correct for a multicore?

I was thinking maybe it becAuse theyre grouning off to eachother as theyre all metal?

Im not sure! As all 16 connections are wired the same and I have nothing plugged into it yet!


Any help would be great! Thanks,

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It's a little hard to troubleshoot without seeing exactly what you have done, but if you have shared the "earth" connection between mic level audio inputs, amplifier outputs and a DMX device, then it's quite possible to do damage to the equipment, let alone have unwanted noises (the loud "farting" being a sign of distress!).


Make sure you have broken any shared earths or connections to chassis, and test again. Let us know what happens...

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