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Palettes in ETC Express?


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Hello all. I usually work on tracking boards (Hog 3, Strand Light Palette VL, Chamsys MagicQ) but the house I'm in for this project has an old school ETC Express 24/48, and they insist on using it to programme/run the show. Just wondering if there is anything like a palette on this board. To be clear, I have about six different states that occur over and over and over throughout the show, which I have recorded as subs for ease of recall, and then recorded into cues. If, for example, I could make a change to a submaster and then have those changes reflected within any cue that references that submaster without having to manually edit all the cues (and there are a lot of cues), that would be ideal. I realize that this is not the case (at least with submasters) but wonder if there is some other way to accomplish this on this board. I apologize if there is already a topic devoted to this question - I couldn't find one, but it's hard to believe that this isn't one of the most common questions about this board... Any help would be amazing.



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From memory, there was a thing called Focus Points which I *think* could apply to attributes including intensity. The other option with that generation of desks is that Groups contained intensity levels (but I don't think that they were included in cues like an intensity palette would be) OR linked Copy Cue, similar to other consoles. My feeling is that Focus Points is where to to look first.


Hateful desks....

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