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DMX Control of sound effects


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Thanks all for your help. I actually had a similar idea with using a DMX to relay.


I've already made a USB remote for QLAB and have a 2 CH DMX to relay board somewhere at home. I've also made a couple of projector shutters with remote input on, so I'm thinking I put the relay unit in a box and can use it to control either of them!


Will let you know how I get on!


Thanks again all.

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Have a a look at DMX Control its free and will accept midi commands to change scenes and other functions, I believe you can have audio scenes as well as lighting scenes. It will take a bit of learning though but what programme doesn't. I use SCS and send midi commands from it to DMX Control to control the lights, I have two screens with SCS on one and DMX Control on the other, one computer will run both.
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