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AER compact 3


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Sorry the Heading should have been AER Compact 60 /3

My freind brought the AER compact 60 /3.Version 3


He swears it sounds better then the other previous version 1 and 2.

I hear they are even lighter in weight.


I am happy with my version 2 the Compact 60 /2. Version 2


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Before I brought the AER ,I originally brought the Tanglewood T6 which was meant to be a AER copy at half the price.I took it back after a couple of days . Now I can see why the AER is 700-800 pounds.

The AER has much more headroom and is much sweeter sounding and crystal clear open sound. The T6 sounds squashed and can't handle higher volumes.


I would avoid the tangelwood though they do lovely guitars.







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I haven't done a side by side comparison of the Mk1, 2 and 3 but I've heard all in isolation. I have a Mk1 myself and it's great. I'd say stick with what you have, they are a class act whichever version you have.


I saw the Tanglewood and assumed it to be just a cosmetic copy of the AER. I didn't try it as I wasn't in the market but I'm not surprised by SoulHead's findings.

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