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The New Mackie SRM 450's


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I believe the original SRM450 was made both in Italy and in the USA with RCF drivers. We still have a few at work (Manchester P A Hire) though we have mostly moved over to JBL PRXs. I always liked them (though the JBLs are better as are both my QSC K12s and Yamaha DXR 10s). SRM450V2 is made in China I think, I auditioned it when I was looking for my new rig and found it very disappointing, it sounded just slightly 'crunchy' at all levels, I didn't listen for long before I moved on. The Yamaha DXR12 only costs £80 more and is in a different league regarding both sound quality and volume, that's where I'd put my money if my budget was in that region.
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