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Multi-effect sound processor to Mixing desk


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I have got a Yamaha SPX 990 that I would like to link with my sound mixing desk ( GH3 allen and Heat 16 -4 - 2).


We would like to use the Multi-effect unit to add some reverb to one mic that one of the actors uses onstage.


As you can imagine, I am not the most sound person, but I could do with a simple diagram describing the route of the cables from the effect units into the desk and then the return into the effects unit.



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Usually, you would use a post-fade aux send connected to the input of the reverb, and connect its output(s) to either a dedicated 'fx return' on the desk if it has one, or to more input channels if not.


You then use the aux pot to send the signals you want to the unit, and the fx return level (or input faders for the output from the reverb) to adjust the level of the reverb signal in relation to the rest of the mix

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