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PA Set Up Sound Levels


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Hi guys


You were all excellent before, so I am hoping you'll help me out once more.


My PA System:


2 x New 2013 Active SRM450V2 Speakers

1 x ProFX 8 Mixer

1 x Laptop


Simple.... but here is my issue. I'm trying to set up the levels... but I'm confused which level I bring up first to trim and then the led flashes on the back of the Speaker (which I was told it wasn't suppose to for too long or it would cut out) ... pulling my hair out here...

I can get the sound to be loud, full and clear but with the light flickering on the back of the speaker (no distortion whatsoever) - could it be that I'm trying it out in a small box room with not much ventilation or room behind the speaker?


Would love for someone to just tell me definitively that you do:


1) start with ALL volumes down

2) First play source then bring up level x

3) When it starts flashing at zero db bring up y level..



Hope you get my drift... in easy to understand (cos I'm not the brightest haha) terminology.


Many thanks again.



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...the led flashes on the back of the Speaker...


Which LED? The green one or the red one?


Have a read of the manual.


There is only a green one on the back... and I've read the manual and it says that they shouldn't flash constantly or too often, but it does when the volume is not that high, hence this post, I want to make sure I've got my gain, master and channel levels set right, so a "from start to finish" guide would help... I know it's only a short and easy process, but everything is easy when you know the answer :)

There are many conflicting opinions/guides as to "how to set level" out there, hence again why I am asking here...



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There should be two - one above the level control, that shows when a signal is present, and the peak light, that lets you know the compressor protecting the output is starting to work. My guess is you are seeing the ok LED, and not the Danger Will Robinson LED. If this one stays on then you are running very hot - and these speakers go quite loud. The LED lighting during normal use at normal volume levels is the signal present one. Can you check, as the Peak LED being on a lot suggests something more serious going on?
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** laughs out loud ** like the term... yup, stoopid me (I did say I was dumb) - I am seeing the green light ... on low volumes it's not on and then it flickers and stays on longer the louder it gets - which I understand.

So, I guess, theoretically, the green light is OK to be flickering but NOT OK to be on permanently or is that still OK but it's the RED light that will flicker? Or will the red light just come on when the Speaker shuts down.

Basically, I need instructions to set it all up to it's optimum performance without distortion and a chance the speaker will crash on me due to overpower/overheating - for that to happen in the middle of a gig (especially when someone else is doing the sound) would be my worst nightmare !!


Thanks again...

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I did double check and can only see the green one "signal present" and the red one "peak" - the green one is flashing... red one hasn't come on once.. .and jeesh they go loud and clear... I think that issue is now resolved thanks to Mr Ears (couldn't be a more apt name) - so thankyou....

All I need now is someone to tell me the best way to set levels from all down to Zero and then one by one (gain, channel, master, volume on back of speaker) in the right order so as I get the best sound possible etc.....


Cheers... !!


Oh god there is another light on the back - the Thermal one - you are right *must get eyes tested*... losing the plot here!! But that never comes on, just the green one... so the "set up" info still required - thanks.

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only a green one on the back... and I've read the manual and it says that they shouldn't flash constantly or too often,


There should be 4 LEDs. From the picture on page 8 of the manual:


3 Is the Power - Should be on


5 is the Thermal (you don't want to see this one - ever!)


9 is Signal Present - this will flash & probably be on more than off


10 is the peak - this is the one you only want you see occasionally or better still, not at all





E2A - Seems I'm very slow with my typing today!

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Yup, right sorted that out ... the only light I am seeing, even when it's very loud but still crystal clear is the green light that flickers and stays on sometimes when I push it up... no other lights come on so on that score I am fine.

As I say, I just need to make sure I'm setting the levels correctly and in the right order - some say 1st to adjust is the gain to 0db then the master then the channel fader but then when do I bring the level up on the back of the speaker? This is the bit where I'm receiving conflicting advice...

Actually, on reading up further information it says that I should set the mixer levels first (so I presume gain and master to zero db) then the channel fader the same and then turn up the knob on the back of the speaker to the required volume??

I'll have a play I think......


Thanks again so much for all your help everyone, it's at times like this I really how spoilt I am when I just breeze into a venue, give them my mic and tablet, do quick sound check and then just perform..... Roll on next year http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif



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You could get all technical and calculate optimum level at each stage.


But, if you set the amp level to the 12 O clock position where it says normal, and the master out of you mixer somewhere in the 0dB region, are you able to get the sort of levels you want by adjusting the channel faders in the -10 to +3 dB range?

If so, I'd say you're about there.




E2A typos......

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