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Sony 1024 HD Scan converter


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Hello Gents and Ladies,


I have 4 events coming up utilizing a video screen and projector. I am using a Sony 1024HD scan converter which is perfect for three of the four events, one composite DVD input and two laptop VGA inputs, output VGA to projector. The fourth event requires two composite ( 1 video camera and one DVD) and two VGA inputs. I tried to use a Panasonic WJ220R video switcher last year and output to the single composite input on the Sony , using a camera with 50 foot composite run through mic cable and experienced very weird video noise , lines. I have the same event coming up again this year and the budget does not allow for the rental of a Barco Image Pro for the extra composite input. Does anyone know how this might be accomplished using the Sony 1024HD with a switching of sorts?

Thanks in advance.

Randy Anderson


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Ditto to what David said above, plus if the interference you describe is still an issue, "HumBugs" or similar earth lifting transformers can be put at each end of the line. Lastly, if the camera has decent battery life, think about running on them for the show (but always have a fully charged spare to hand).
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