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Is this normal


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Hi, I was looking inside one of my speaker cabs today to try and identify the cause to a hf issue and found that the screws and part of the chasis to be rusty




Is this normal ? What is the cause ?






The speakers are approx 7 years old

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a dehumidifier - if properly sized and maintained (i.e. moisture drained away regularly) may drop your humidity level to say 40% RH - unlikely to be much lower.

and it is unlikely to respond speedily to changes in RH.

at 5am just before sunrise, when your garage is coldest, the temperature may easily plummet and with your actual kg of moisture in the air fixed, your dehumidifier will kick in and so will your back ground heater but may take quite some time to restore the RH level and temperature - because as temperature drops with moisture quantity fixed, RH rises - i.e. the room becomes fractionally more humid.

the metal parts in your garage will be the coldest of all. any moisture in the air will drop out of solution and condense on the cold surface.

any untreated/unplated metal will be most vulnerable.

Now if the moisture level in the room rises as described by other poster that will make matters worse.

what will make matters considerably worse is if your dehumid unit does not automatically drain externally or does not have a sealed drain pan that is emptied regularly.

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Here in the tropics, we have another very annoying phenomenon: Foam-rubber parts dissolve after a few years, from the humidity, no matter if in flight cases, headphone cushions or in front of speaker cabs. :angry:


Re your original post: What was the original HF issue that led you to open the cabs? Did it have anything to do with the rust? Did you solve the problem?



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