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Licensing checks.

kerry davies

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From two sources it appears that ACPO wants to become pro-active over the next year.

ACPO are set to release information about their forthcoming 'In Focus' campaign, week 1 of which will focus on alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour.

Not sure whether week 1 is from the 16th of this month but;

ACPO are launching a week of 'focus' on licensing, timed to coincide with Freshers week. Details will follow immediately before the week starts and there will be various press announcements during the campaign, which is part of a wider year-long initiative to reduce crime. If you are planning anything for that week, now is the time to ensure that your licence covers everything and is fit for purpose.

It may or may not affect a few members since nearly all of us deal with licensing in one way or another.


Just a "heads up."

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