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Pipe & Drape Backdrops


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Hi Guys,


Looking to buy a pipe and drape backdrop for use at weddings and other functions along these lines.


Hoping to get something along the lines of a white drape with LED's built into it with a Voile skrim to mask the leds.


As well as this - I'd also be looking to get a swag which can be velcro'd on.


Most important thing for me is that everything is Fireproofed as this is essential for insurance etc.


I'm not to worried about the actual pipe and bases etc as I have a source for this at a good price.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?





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It sounds like you would get more results from marquee lining suppliers than anywhere else. White starcloth is a bit of an oxymoron anywhere else.


You could try trawling through the search function where there are 30 plus discussions mentioning pipe and drape alone.


Then again This Lot will do almost anything for money.

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