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Working at Height - Guardrail


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Please could somebody point me in the right direction to where it might be stated the height at which a working platform (ie small stage / rostra) requires a handrail?


I'm sorry to ask such a basic question, but I was under the impression there was a specific height above which this is required, but I've been looking here and can't find it: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2005/735/pdfs/uksi_20050735_en.pdf


... or perhaps there isn't a specific height, but instead is something that must be decided through a risk assessment process, bearing in mind that there is a difference between falling onto concrete or falling onto a crashmat for example?


If you are curious to the reason it is really curiosity on my part; don't worry that I will take your advice as gospel! I am not in a position of responsibility anyway!



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Perfect, thank you both!


The HSE link I had seen, it is where I found the link I posted... and the other thread is very thorough! I did search the forum before posting but obviously not well enough as I didn't find that.


Anyway, so my curiosity has been satisfied very well, thanks :-)

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The answer to most questions on here is that you need to to a risk assessment. Many years ago in some now long defunct piece of guidance for the construction industry there was a height threshold of 6 feet for handrail requirements. This was adopted by everyone (not least the entertainment industry) and became an unnofficial, de facto standard.
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