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Showtec led comander.am I right in thinking this unit can control 8 groups of fixtures I have 25 showtec par 56's does each group have the same DMX channel I am struggling to get the lights to chase? I am new to DMX but I have managed get 4 pars patched to sliders r g b and strobe etc plus scenes but cannot activate a chase help. steve
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Yup to get 25 cans across 8 groups , just set each group of 3 or 4 to same start address.


Remembering ing that each can will take more than 3 channels, so allow for that as you adress next group up.


Need to patch your 4 cans like 4 groups with different start addresses to allow a chase....

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Depending on how confident you are you can get the desk to do quite a lot.


It can control 8 groups of fixtures - or to think of it differently 8 groups of 8 DMX channels. Assuming you've got the Eco Par 56 RGB fixtures these take 6 DMX channels each??


Just because the faders say "Red", "Green", "Strobe" etc, doesn't mean that's what you have to patch onto them. If you read how to patch the desk in the manual, you will see you can assign any DMX channel to any fader.


By doing this I think you could patch 2 Pars onto 1 group. Par 1 starts at DMX 001 for example, using Fixture 1 patch 001 to "Red", 002 onto "Green", 003 onto "Blue", then 006 onto "Colour". (Yes you'll lose control of "Full Colour" and "Strobe", but if you never use these is this really a loss??)


Then address Par 2 at 007, and still in Fixture 1 patch 007 to "Strobe", 008 to "Sound", 009 to "Dimmer" and 012 to "Master". (Again missing out channels 4 & 5 of the Par). By carrying this on you can have individual control of up to 16 cans, and all you need is a strip of LX above the faders identifying what each does to save confusion.


By doing something similar I have patched this desk to control 4 movers and 4 groups of LED bars for a small local club - it works for them!


Chases - the manual is fairly clear on how to record chases. If I remember correctly for a chase to run you have to be in Auto with no fixtures selected.

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