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HQI/Powerflood Colour Frames


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Quick, cheap, temporary, place gel over front glass and hold in place with chicken wire. This works suprisingly well since the heat from the 400 watt lamp is spread over a much larger area than in a theatre lantern.


For a better qaulity job, cut lightweight welded steel mesh to the corect size, two pieces per light, and sandwich the gel between the two pieces of mesh.

The piece of mesh nearest the lamp should have the inner side bent over on itself in a "U" formation along the two longest sides, thereby allowing an air gap between the front glass and mesh/gell.

Hold the 2 pieces of mesh together with neat twists of wire.

Fix the whole thing to the light with stainless steel cable ties.



For permanent use, consider coloured lamps, though only a limited colour range is available.

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