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XLR-XLR Cables to Connect Active Speakers


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Nope - balanced vs unbalanced is genuine science, not audiophool BS. The basic rule is if you use XLR cables in your current system you will be running balanced. This is the way it should be. You will know when your B87a is running with a balanced cable as it will make noise! Unbalanced cables won't carry the phantom power you need to power the mic.


PS I would also shorten your mammoth XLR cable as then if you ever need a 30m XLR then you can just plug your 3x 10m ones together, and you end up with a lot less coiling faff for the rest of the time!

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I would love to cut up my mic cable, but then what would I use? ** laughs out loud ** !! Don't say Radio Mic, cos if I wanted one of those I would buy one :) I have a wired mic for a reason.....and yes, sometimes I do need that extra length - always better to have more and not need it than not have enough and need it - well, that's what my ex used to say ;-)




Just for clarity you did realise I suggested that you buy the extra neutriks and solder them onto the cut cable to give you the 3 10 metre cables?

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Oh, before I go and order them, one other question... I have heard of balanced and unblanced, does it matter what I have with regards to sound quality for either my microphone (Shure Beta87a condenser) OR my PA set up? I have heard that balanced is better, but a) not sure what that means and b) it could be a load of bs !!


Ta muchly :)




Balanced isn't automatically "better" in terms of audio quality--but it's far more resistant to outside electrical interference over long runs which is why it gets used, particularly for microphone cabling where the low signal level makes them more susceptible to interference.


That Wiki article Yorkie posted gives a good explanation of how it all works completely with diagrams of how it all works.


Short form...if you system can handle it, always use balanced. You'll have fewer problems with arcing thermostats and the like.

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Hey y'all


Thanks again for all your replies, I got them finally and they are perfect - good quality (but reasonable price) and they lock in, so let's hope they last a good while.

I have another question, but I'll post in the appropriate place (hopefully)


Thanks again experts.



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I have used Studiospares own brand cable for donkeys years and have never had an issue or problems.




I personally use only Neutrik connectors because they are the best and cheap for the quality as stated above. (Frankly I'm surprised that US trouring companies still favor Canon & Switchcraft XLR's)


Making your own cables (not just XLR) is a very sensible proposition and requires only a few inexpensive tools.


Behringer often get a slating but there CT100 cable tester is great, especially when making up XLR's as you can plug in the male/female parts for soldering, avoiding the use of a vice.


I find holding small wires to solder with my Banana sized fingers a pain so have used small artery forceps like these to help:


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