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I've just bought Sony's little go-pro like camera. I'm interested in the 120fps feature. Can anyone suggest a starter software for viewing the files? I can record data to microSD crd then transfer it to a clean lappy with XPpro. will this enable me to view the clips, or should I look for vlc or...? Will VLC let me play back a 120fps clip at 30fps? Will any cheap software?


As ever I'm planning to want to film some SFX this weekend!

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The playback software shouldn't really care what frame rate the file was shot at - other than possibly some metadata, there's no difference between a file shot at 30fps and one at 120fps. My last experience of camera overcranking was with files that went straight in to media composer - it happily played them back at the project frame rate, not the speed it was shot at. The camera should tag the file with an appropriate frame rate for playback. I'm sure VLC would handle things sensibly.
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My Custom MultiMedia player can start and stop anywhere in a Mpg video.


It can replay the segment in slow motion. Then resume at full speed.


As well I can play random groupings of "Text Video and Pictures" Great for storefront sales where audio isn't available. Show part of the home and give the details in large font text.


It can auto catalog all my videos and randomly pick one along with a random start point. It plays for a preset number of seconds then gets the next one.


Very handy when you have lots of video like I do. I currently have over 3300 videos uploaded to youtube.




No editing just the original files. And it's FREE

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