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Titan Mobile Extra faders via DMX and midi 'help'


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Hello fellow technicians,


I have a pearl expert and a titan mobile with a 24 inch all in one quad core i7 msi windtop that I am using to run two stages next weekend for a festival.


I have hooked up via DMX a lepricon and a jands event and linked triggers via DMX on my titan mobile and triggered varrious playbacks I use for busking shows.


Problem is I am getting all kinds of random flicker, and loss of control. It was bad on the older lepricon but the jands was a little better, but I tried it on a day show and I had a ton of filicker, loss of control, and loading show file errors.




Question being....Is the DMX triggering in Avolites Titan not up to speed or am I having issuses with my older DMX consoles....if I had a new lepricon vs. and old one the DMX protocols might be cleaner?


Or is MIDI triggers more stable and if so what control surfaces via midi do you use, have you seen work with stability. I have seen some midi to touch screen like controller with sizeable faders. What's working out there....?


I need faders or knobs for speed control and momentary buttons....


OR should I just juggle my pearl expert between both stages with an hour break in between....

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It does sound like the consoles are sending out DMX that TM doesn't like. There was a post on the Avo forum a while back from someone with the same issue when using a Leprecon desk.


You can monitor the DMX coming in via Usb Expert but you might need a proper stand-alone tester and, most importantly, someone from Avo (probably Adam) to tell you what you are looking for and what it means. I realise this might be difficult given that you're in the states. I'll ask if he has any ideas.

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I understand this is an older post but I am experiencing the same issues as 'Dgrabus' described. I have experimented with using an Avo Tiger and a 2004 Pearl as DMX triggers for my Titan Mobile and keep getting the aforementioned flicker.


I was wandering if anyone found the cause for the issue and more importantly a fix


Thanks in advance!


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