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hmi floods


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If you were to wire an HMI Flood with reveresed live and neutral what would the out come be?

They would work normally.


Think about it - they are fed from AC which swaps Live and Neutral 100 times a second anyways.


If you have some tha t just dont turn off through the board is it simply a programming error?


Maybe, or a bust dimmer, or they've been fed from hard power, or....

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Any common discharge lamp will work fine with live and neutral reveresed, as will virtualy any AC appliance.

Remember that in many parts of Europe the standard mains plugs can be inserted into the outlet either way round, and no one worries about that.

In a few places the 230 volt mains supply has BOTH poles live, without a neutral, and again discharge lamps and other appliances work fine.


No common type of discharge lamp can be worked from a dimmer.

If you have tried this, it has probably broken the dimmer which as a result may be permanently on, or permanently off.

It might have damaged the discharge lamp fixture, but they are robust and it is probably fine.

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The inrush current to the power factor capacitor in HMI fixtures is enough to weld contactor contacts closed, so I guess it's enough to blow a triac. I've never actually tried connecting a metal halide fixture to a dimmer to try it out though. Even in switching mode.
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In this matter a discharge lamp is a discharge lamp, none of them dim that way and if the balast is magnetic the currents into the PFC caps can and will break things.


Fix the dimmer, get a mechanical dimming shutter and put the lantern on hard power.


Regards, Dan.

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