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Multi Tool


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Oi, I resemble that remark ;)


thats not a multitool, thats a hammer...


this is a multitool




:** laughs out loud **:


Seriously, though, I have a gerber, and it gets very little use, I find it a universal one size fits nowt, I think the locking blade gets more use than anything else occasionally the pliers, it lives in the cubby of my LANDROVER :) but I usually head for the toolbox and get the proper thing out

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I remember someone on one of the earlier threads describing a multitool as "definitively the wrong tool for any given job". But for light, quick, jobs it's hard to beat.


I used to carry Leathermen religiously but have given up since they got lost / stolen so regularly. If some of the sub-£20 models are half decent I could be tempted again.

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