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Hello guys :)


I've been reading topics here for a while and now registered.

Wanted to ask if you have any tips on reading about lighting.


Already read articles on http://www.onstagelighting.co.uk, on this forum and one other Dutch forum.

Also have a book called Stage Lighting - The Technicians Guide which I am currently reading.

Also am working as a volunteer-light-technician where I learn to most but still love to read about it.


Have a good day!

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Two big recommendations:


The Stage Lighting Handbook (Francis Reid) is the book I always check when I do somethingf new

A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting (Steven Louis Shelley) which goes through making a design for a large scale musical in extreme detail.

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Welcome Evelyne. If you use the search function, up there under your name and look for lighting books or any similar wording loads of topics like This one will give you dozens of good suggestions.


Anything by Francis Reid is standard practice and the simpler the better to start with. Have fun.

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I can recommend a couple of "topic-specific" publications:


For some of the basic philosophy behind lighting control consoles, I'd recommend reading ETC's "The Philosophy of Entertainment Lighting Control - A White Paper".

(PDF, free download.)


For DMX512, Adam Bennette's "Recommended Practice for DMX512" is excellent - the 2nd edition also covers the core of RDM.

(~£10, paperback.)

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