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Lighting Software Recommendation Please?


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I'm looking for a piece of lighting software where I can program a theatre style show with moving lights and LED par cans.


I'm currently using freestyler DMX but need the software to do a few additional things.


The major thing is to be able to adjust a Moving Light position by a certain value in every cue. For example adjust the tilt position for a single moving light in every cue in a cue stack.

The second thing I need to be able to do is trigger the 'GO' to next cue function from either MIDI or timecode from an audio track.


Any suggestions would be much much appreciated.



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Usual first question applies - what's your budget?


I'm not really looking at spending much, there isn't a budget for it, I want to know if I can do this anyhow with cheap computer software could be:

Freestyler, QLC, Chamsys Magic Q or even Avolie Titan One.

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