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video out from generic android tablets


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Noiseboy question for video techs. At my gig I have a sanyo plx projector up in the truss.For ease of use I have 3 input cables running to it from control booth. For my dvd player I use standard yellow phono/RCA (whats the proper name for that , do you call that composite ? ) for windows laptops I have a vga cable , mac users are asked to supply their own mac dv to vga adaptor , and I also have s-video for the odd camcorder that comes in.


One of my clients uses a windows laptop ( vga output , no problem ) for a powerpoint projection and has requested to use their samsung galaxy android tablet for similar so they dont have to lug their windows laptop around.

From what I can see the android tablet has a (three ring ?) minijack output , presumably audio left right and video. would a cable like this work ?





would something like this work for most generic android tablets ?





also , acouple of months ago a bloke brought in a kodak mini cam Zi8


on page ten of this manual





It shows audio left/mono and video output from a minijack socket , but on inspection this turned out to be smaller than a standard mini jack.


the link on the manual does not lead to the accessorie cable in question , is this an odd socket/plug that kodak use or is it common ?



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The Kodak Zi8 uses a sub-miniature (2.5mm) 3-pole jack for its AV output.

This carries composite video and mono unbalanced audio.


One of these would do you: Ebay link


It also outputs on a Type C HDMI connector (aka. Mini-HDMI), so you'd need a Type C to Type A HDMI lead to connect it to anything with a 'normal' HDMI input.




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Yes the phono/RCA is composite video.


In order of quality from worst to best* , is:




Component (this is suitable for DVD players, set top boxes, not computers)


DVI (or HDMI, these are pretty much the same signal as each other but presenting on different connectors)


DVI or HDMI are digital signals, the remainder I listed are analog. This means you'll get a better quality of picture on them.


If you wanted to convert HDMI to VGA, this is possible, you need a bit of kit called a scaler, there are many options from companies such as Kramer, Barco, etc etc... what budget are you looking at to do this?

Does your projector have a DVI or an HDMI input - you can get converters over CAT5 or fibre optic to run a decent distance.




* this is a simplified list...

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