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Amp issues


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Hello there. Recently trying to get my theatre to spend money is like pulling teeth. (I am sure I am not alone)


Basically both of our amps (no longer in warranty) have lost an output channel. and Have broke beyond repair.


I need to find myself a decent pair of relatively cheap amp with jack outputs (speakon would be a bonus) and 2 channel outputs.


I have been considering 2 Yamaha p2500s ' s


Any other suggestions



Lantern Theatre Sheffield.

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I've had a few t amp amps and used them hard and they have been fine. The 3 year warranty is a bonus as well.


Im based in sheffield, if you want to chat at all, feel free to pm me. I live about 1.5 miles from the lantern.

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I have said it before on this forum and every 6 months or so the topic comes up and every 6 months I say:

I have a couple of behringer epq2000 - good reproduction, reasonable weight, run barely warm to the touch and just keep running. 2 years or so I had one running in a rehearsal room 5 days a week getting all the abuse that could be thrown at it - nothing bothered it. I moved it to a rack with an old dare amp - one night the rack was dropped hard on the way back to our unit, in the dark. the dare amp was unreliable after that - the behringer just kept going.

I added a 2nd behringer to replace the dare, at short notice, straight out of the box - switching it on 60 seconds before soundcheck. no problem there. then one night I forgot to take the cover off the back of the rack. a cheap img amp in the same space overheated (monitor duty and it was never great anyway) - the two behringers working at that increased temperature remained unaffected.

they have now been in the same rack, going out every weekend, getting thrown in the back of a van, in lifts, up stairs, upside down, on their side - whatever I do to them they just keep on working. in one case the retail of the amp is 10% of the retail of the speakers and it doesn't worry me - they are reasonably clear, and just keep on keeping on. with a behri 3 year warranty I certainly wouldn't spend any more if their outputs fit your needs.

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