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Aslan puppet


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Just about to perform our junior production this year 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' For which we had to build an 8 foot tall lion puppet for Aslan. Operated by 3 girls. One on each set of legs and one operating the head. The head was made by casting variform plastic over a clay scuplture. Then covered with fur, the mane and the legs are made from foam board for reasons of budget and also keeping it as light as possible (all three pieces are operated by year 9 girls). The armatures in both the head and on the legs are made from aluminium. Couldn't resist showing it off.



there a load of images of the various stages of making aslan in the album.

album linky

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Nice - very Warhorse like. I did something similar a couple of years ago but with a 4.5m tall rock monster. Smae kind of principal - one kid on each arm and leg and one supporting it from the back to stop it toppling off my shoulders. Will try to find some pictures if I can. But like I said nice lion :)
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