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Mac problems


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Hi all,


Coming to the end of a week of servicing all the movers in one of my venues and have 3 fixtures with issues that I have not yet been able to fix. If anyone has any suggestions I look forward to hearing them:


1) mac 500. Gobo wheel 2 is causing the 3.15a fuse on the main board to blow. Nothing visibly wrong. I'm yet to swap out the loom and the motor. EDIT: traced this to the loom which had been rubbing against the yoke


2) mac 600 - magnet has fallen off the colour wheel so the sensor does not register the 'zero' point - are these readily available?


3) mac 600 - shutter does not locate correctly. Ive ensure that it is securely fixed to the motor chassis and have tried manually putting it into the correct position before turning the fixture in but it migrates away



Any advice?



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If it is athe same small magnet as on the 250 then make sure it is not stuck to the disk somewhere! It was only when I striped down the colour wheel/gobo unit on mine I found the magnet stuck, obviously to a ferous part of the disk! Otherwise I have bought spares from Jamie here. He has always been very helpful



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