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finding company contacts


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not strictly theatre related, but here goes, I know there's a few people on here good at finding info of folk.


about a year ago we were approached by the above company to sort out out business rates, apparently we were paying too much.

now the council/whoever sorts this out are trying to sort out our rebate, but because it was initiated by a third party they have to deal with them apparently.


The details we have for them, the phone number is now dead, and website no longer exists, and emails bounce back.

Companies house still have them listed as active, but we cant contact them in any way.


suggestions please :)

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Companies House will list their registered office which, by law, is where you can send stuff and they must receive it (even if it's just an address at their accountants).


Write them a letter, send it recorded delivery, asking them to contact you within the next 14 days.


If they do, job done.


If they don't, but they signed for the letter, go back to the council with a copy of the latter and the recorded delivery receipt and say that they aren't responding, you've taken all reasonable steps, and that the council should now deal direct.


If the letter is undelivered, go back to the council as above but saying that you've not been able to contact them and asking them to deal direct.

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You or your company is/are the ratepayer; you may have authorised a third party to contact the council or District Valuer's office on your behalf but I see no reason why that authority cannot be terminated at any time. I suggest you write to the council or District Valuer on company letterhead stating that all future correspondence is to be directed to you and any refunds are to be paid to you. I don't know of any basis on which the council or DV could refuse to deal with you once you have made it clear that the third party's authority has been terminated (although the third party could still claim its fees from you on whatever basis has been agreed).
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I got done over by a similar company to the tune of £350 when I bought my pub eight years ago!


They apply for the rebate but then do a moonlight flit leaving you with nothing as you will find that as time has passed the original application is void.


The sales rep claimed she was just the middle person but I got no money back and they too went out of business.



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Cheers, will fire of a letter to the council and them today, see what happens, I'm over that way next week, might drive by their "office" and see if it looks inhabited.

I get the feeling that have already scarpered, at least no money has been paid out to them.


We started the process just as I started working here, so I've not had alot to do with it until now.

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By the time I realised and contacted the council the review had been dropped as time had run out, at least they file the review but I feel that is the clever bit of the scam as it allows them time to scarper.


I had the sales rep's card but even though I threatened her with legal action she also had no contact details and hadn't been paid for most of her work either.


Scumbags and I seem to recall watchdog doing an item on them.


Like most things you do not need an agent to do this and can apply to the council direct if you feel your rates are too high, you need to prove that a similar business gets more services that yours and public transport internet accessability and even if you suffer from damp problems can come into this.

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