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kerry davies

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I have just heard a rumour that Alistage is no more, has anyone any further information?


My info is that the land was worth more than the business so it has been closed down at little or no notice. Sad if true and hope the guys get employment.

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We got a call today from the administrators today to say that the contract we had with Alistage for a job that goes in a week today, for the supply of an Alidome stage would be terminated as the Company has now stopped trading.


Left us in a bit of a pickle really.........

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Hmm, I hope it is not another company falling victim to the Yum Cha stages appearing everywhere.


Ben, if stuck, have you tried Megaforce in Germany?

Dome stage


Timo is a lovely guy and always happy to help.


MEGAFORCE Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH

Timo Mathes

- international sales / project management –

Jöhlinger Strasse 118

D - 76356 Weingarten

Mobil: 0049 - 177 - 52 72 669

Tel.: 0049 - 7244 - 72 02 42

Fax: 0049 - 7244 - 72 02 22




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So I can't comment on the specifics, but the stock has been bought and a new company is now trading doing the same work. You can contact them in the same way as the old company. They should be trying to keep all of their orders as the new owners would rather not lose the business.
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