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The Project Zone - A User's Guide


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This area is for projects which stand a good chance of going somewhere; it would be unusual for a project to start in here without the basic idea being kicked around in 'The Laboratory' first.


Only Project Leaders can start a topic in here although anyone is free to respond to an existing topic. This is done to keep things tidy, with all conversations relating to s specific project in the right place.


On creation the Project Leader will create a number of topics to a fixed format.


Topic Title: -> Project Name - Short Project Description


e.g. BlueLight - An LED Worklight System


Topic Description: -> See list below...




SUPPORT - ask support questions here

DOCUMENTS - project documentation






Unlike other areas of the board, Project Leaders will have upload privileges to allow them to host project files here on the BR servers.


It is intended that all projects will be Open Source in the true spirit of that phrase. This does not mean people cannot have a commercial interest in the project, perhaps by offering a kit of parts or by charging for support, HOWEVER sufficient information must be published here to enable anyone to build the project without paying.

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