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Freekie Problems (Martin)


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Hi Blueroomers,

I have the pleasure of using a Martin Freekie occasionally for some small gigs where I can give people a desk and LED's flash nicely to the music. All was perfect in this little world, until recently when it kept freezing after approximately 5 minutes of operating, repeatedly. The DMX carries on outputting either the look or stays in sound to light mode, but the desk because completely unresponsive.


My question is, has anybody experienced this problem before or have any ideas what the issue may be? The desk has rarely been used, is in good condition, doesn't look like it's been dropped and has had no drink spilled on it, so I'd be inclined to think that the software is crashing on it. I'm also guessing that it isn't going to be as simple as plugging in a USB stick to reboot the software like on most modern desks...?


Any help would be very.... well, helpful :)

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Still running the original power supply? Could it be a failing PSU and low voltage rails causing it to lock up?




You're a genious David, well done!


Despite the correct power supply being in the original box with the Freekie, it turns out somebody went and took a power supply for a radio charger and used this instead. Looks like I got caught out with the old situation of trying to think too hard about a problem and forgetting the simple possibilities.

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