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What paint for EV ELX sub?


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Thanks for the reply.


The scuffs are very small and don't warrant a big tin of paint like that. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about :-





As a result I've gone with one of these :-




Should hopefully be good enough for what I need.

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I'd second the suggestion for tuff cab - and if you don't need as much, you can get it in 1 litre tins. http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=TUFFCAB1&browsemode=manufacturer


Water based, so not smelly, and dries quick. And you can get a really pro finish using just a foam roller, or an "artex" roller.


Although, for tiny scuffs like that, even a 1l tub would last forever....

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ELX are sprayed with a 2 pack polypropylene paint and whilst a water based acrylic like tuff cab wont react, it wont adhere well either and will simply flake off in no time. Warnex being a similar product wont be any better.
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