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Leaving my Avo pearl set up for other users ?


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So I am helping out at a small festival here in ireland where I will be doing the lighting .


Only one act on the list has requested use of the lighting desk on their rider .


Luckily I have just got an Avolites pearl 2000 ( running 2004 software ) , this meets his riders needs .


I will be using it with 4/6 movers , 8 showtec pickle bars , strobe , smoke , blinders .


What I want to know is how should I set the desk up so that it is ready and friendly for someone else to use .


I have only ever used an avolites azure but I shouldn't take long to get used to the pearl .


Thanks for reading , all input welcome http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

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Something like:


- At least one blinder playback

- A strobe playback, if an Atomic possibly just intensity with rate/duration coming from palettes

- Two mover intensity playbacks split odd/even

- A mover intensity chase playback

- One mover pan shape playback set to mode 2

- One mover tilt shape playback set to mode 2

- Some led playbacks, either shapes or chases and of different colours

- Assuming there's some front light at least one playback to cover this

- Some position, colour and gobo palettes

- Enable quick palettes in user settings

- Make some small variations across pages, for example different pan/tilt shape spreads

- Try to keep all your programming on roller pages 1 & 2 leaving 3 empty. Failing that keep at least one page free somewhere


/edit: - Also a strobe playback for the movers set to mode 2. This needs the relevant shutter attributes to be set to fade which is done from patch/utilities/set instant/fade. You could vary this across pages, for example in sync or random. Alternatively some shutter palettes to achieve the same (ie. open/sync fast/sync slow/random fast/random slow).

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hey lads ,


Thanks for the fast reply .


So when messing with the desk today I came up with an issue with the shape generator , when I put on on a mover it just moves around in a kind of rigid movement even when I expand the size and speed . doesn't even look like the shape I picked .


Im ok with doing the pallets and patching but not really sure what you mean by mode too? I take it its something to do with how the desk records the command ? like record by chanel/fixture?


Once again thanks for your help lads .

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If shapes aren't working correctly try reloading the shape file. This can be found on any of the standard personality disks and is reloaded from system/utilities.


Modes are fade modes. Mode 0 is fade in, mode 1 is fade in and fade out, mode 2 is fade by fader.

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