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Tally connections for Roland vision mixers


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Hi all,


Can anyone confirm whether the voltage (normally 5v for Tally) is provided from the tally connections on the back of a Roland V800HD or Roland/Edirol LVS800, or whether you need to supply the voltage in and it's just passive switching that happens inside the mixer?


I know the norm is to have the 5v supplied by the mixer but I'm a little confused by the "Mini D-Sub 15 pin type x 2 * Input (max): 12V, 200 mA Open collector Type" description in the Roland tech specs.





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Open Collector. Basically, the output will have two states; low and undefined. You will need externally to pull the signal up to a voltage rail with a fairly high value resistor (sized to avoid exceeding the 200mA limit on the output) to get a defined output for both states.
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