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Eureka Wire rope clamps


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If you're looking for temporary terminations and could reuse the kit have a look at Reutlinger wire rope holders. Available from Flints and very handy bits of kit to have around. Much easier to use than gripples.
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Hi Gregakehurst.


Used the Eureka on many occasions. Great little terminator.


One tip, have plenty of spare Allen keys (I have a couple that I have heat shrunk to lanyards).


Ian Hamilton




Forgot to say.


Use more than one on the termination.



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Truss Monkey - That was pretty much my question, I just stumbled across them on t'internet..


Mr Pearce, I have a few Reutlingers and they are possibly the greatest thing I've ever held (With possible exception of child..). They are however pretty dear and I need quite a few that only need to hold strip lights so I thought I'd have a google and see what's out there.





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I have just had these http://www.tecni-cable.co.uk/Products/Zip-Lock-Non-Friction-Suspension-System suggested to me. Quite like the look of them if I'm honest, I am not hanging that much, only a small screen


They do look rather smashing don't they - I feel some research coming on...


Just got a bunch in for a show, 8 x 3m wires with eyes, 50kg rating.


Really nice mechanism, not sure how easy they are to release once taught and been under load but just playing they are great.

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