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19" rack mountable enclosures

Tom Baldwin

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Where do people get their rack mountable 19" enclosures from?


I'm looking for a 4U case, similar to the ones Maplin sell, but deeper (by about 50mm). Would be nice if it was the same sort of price as Maplin.


Could even be second hand, if the front panel was replaceable/ lacking in serious holes

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Could I just ask what are you looking to rackmount that is 4u ?


Could you not but a 4u server case and just mod it to your spec ?


WIll have a look though for you.


And where do you get a server case for £50?


CPC list a 4u x 298mm case for £47.12. EN55278


or x 218mm for £52.40 for £52.40 EN55274


Neither show anything on their cr@p website though!

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