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Stairville CB-100 Led Color Beam


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The power consumption is 35w so it probably has a 30w white led. It still has a colour wheel which will reduce the light output depending on what dichroic is in the light path.


Try and get a luminance diagram as I think you would need at least a 100w white led for decent output levels.


A 30w R, 30w G, 30w B led combination and no colour wheel would be a better choice.


The Showtec Powerbeam LED 10 has specs and seems a similar unit but at 2 degree beam angle seems more a pinspot.

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According to the specs in the links both units have a 10w white LED giving 6200 lux at 5m and have a 2 degree beam angle. So they appear to be exactly the same unit, just with Thomann selling it at around half Highlite's price.


I must say the pics on Thomann look quite good, it's a bit like a Sharpy but without the movement, brightness, gobos etc. Rather like a hard edged par36 with inbuilt colour and strobe effects.

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