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etc ion open file issue


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Hey guys,


Right so we had a show in today. They put there usb in and loaded their show onto our desk as per normal. When they left I went to the desk to reload our standard patch as normal and for some random reason it will not load of either the show archive or the usb stick. The file is there in both and when I double click on the file, it says the file name on the cmd line (I'e show archive/standardpatch) but it does nothing. Usually it comes up with the screen asking what elements of the file you wish to load but nothing. I fail to believe that every single file on both the hard drive and the usb are somehow not working when they have worked fine for the last few years and am hoping that it is some kind of setting that has been altered by loading the show from today. I have obviously turned it off and on a few times and done a factory reset but it still will not load any file off either drive?


Any ideas cuz im beginning to bang my head against a brick wall...


Thanks in advance for any replies



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