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Recommend me an Amp


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I'm building an audio system for my local community centre.


As the JBL control 5's have somewhat died (used by idiots + they're 10 years old), they've had to be replaced, and we're getting some brand new of the same.


What I'm a little stuck on is what amp to get to run them. I'm looking for something that actually can't overload them, so probably in the 150W into 4ohms per channel sounds good.

It's gonna be locked away, and I want to be able to set the levels so that most people can't run it at full power - ie, it must have a level control of some kind, doesn't matter how basic.

It has to be designed to fit in a 19" rack.


The budget is a maximum really of about £300, but I'll consider anything up to £500.


any suggestions gratefully received.





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Possibly the Samson "Servo" monitors? I use one with my JBL Control 1's in my little studio in my bedroom


The Samson Servo 260 is a 2U Power Amp giving 130Watts p/c at 4ohms Click here to see it.


I think JBL professional tend to mix their speakers with Crown amplifiers, but I think they may be a little powerful or expensive too.


Hope this helps



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Be careful about damaging your speakers by underpowering them.


It sounds like your original amplifier was not powerful enough for the speakers and you are about to repeat the same mistake.





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Given the budget, I'd go for the Behringer EP2500 GBP 210 + 15 delivery from

Thomann. Excellent value for money, 2U rackmountable, and used & enjoyed by many including me.


As James pointed out, too little power (especially in the hands of system abusers who want to squeeze out as much SPL as possible) is way worse than too much.


Given that you can lock it away, you're already going down the right lines with setting it at a conservative level. You could play even safer and put a limiter in, but that's obviously more budget and complexity.


Thinking of the venue type, are you sure that Control 5s are suitable. Some cheapo 12" or 15" plus horn cabs would cost little more but give far more of the sound that the kids would want. Though I don't know if you're constrained by noise level limits. Cheapos like the Behringer or The Box range from Thomann wouldn't be awful for this environment.

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HF drivers fail when an under rated amp is driven to clipping to increase loudness, Look into some clever soft clip limiter to protect the drivers.


Hi there, I just want to advise people to be careful about buying A: behringer, and B: about buying it from Thomann, simply because if it goes wrong, you have to send it back to germany and you'll be covering the cost, they are very cheap, but its a real hassel if it breaks. and behringer will probably not last ten years, most decent amps have a clip limiting option, I would have recommended QSC RMX's, great buget amps, but I've had a look for you and they're all too powerful. but I'd be more prepared to spend the extra cash and have something you could rely on, rather than going for budget stuff, only to have it break two years down the line.

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Maybe I should have posted this in here too.....



I'm no expert but I like to help if I can . Anyway to cut a long story short a friend has asked me what Amp and Speakers he may need to open another room upstairs in his pub as a "disco".


The room is about 16 meters long by 8 meters wide . Its an old building so the roof is about 4 meters high . There is not much sound absorbing furniture in there , just some seats and some tables . He intends that about 100 people are in the place . The room has a dance floor of about 4 meters by 8 meters.


I thought ( and probably wrongly ) for an AMP either a Peavey PV2000 or PV2600 or Yamaha P5000 . For speakers either Peavey PV215 or Yamaha Club Series S115V ( or S215V ).


I realise that means only two speakers , but I think its best that way then the bulk of the sound is at the dance floor end where the dancers are and the least sound is at the bar ( the other end of the room ) where the talkers are .


Any help appreciated .



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