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twinkly sound effect


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I am urgently in need of a twinkly sound effect for midsummer nights dream where the love potion is drank. I think its supposed to be a weird twinkly sound maybe in a minor key?


Anyway has anyone got any that they can send me, my msn is danielfinn111@hotmail.com, my email is the same.


I have only been given this info today as the one I was given was a pile of poo so need a better one for tomorrow. Sorry to do this but this is my last resort.





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Sorry, don't have much around at the mo... but try finding a harp or maybe a xylophone glissando, or a "comic bong" or "comic ***". Have you tried the usual suspects, Soundogs, Google.??




EDIT: I have one that may be suitable, sending email now.

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