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Chamsys macro programming


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Hi there,


Im programming some macros in Magicq and am selecting quelists in the que stackstore. When I do this Magicq stores mouse xy cordinates in stead of a certain que number when selecting a certain que by mouse so when I scroll in this window and start the same macro an other que than the intende que could be selected. Is there a way to program macros through commandline or something? This would solve this problem...


Hope you can help!





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Hi Manuel,



There are Cue stack Macro shortcuts already available in MagicQ.


A couple which can use within a cue stack in the macro field for example are:


Activate a playback = A <playback no>


Go playback = G <playback no> / <Cue ID>


Activates Cue Stack (Stack Store) = E <Qid from Stack Store>



If you need any further help, let me know.







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Hmmmmm, Dont know if I understand this correctly...



I want to run a macro on Playback 10 and have it do the following:


Release Playback 1

Remove quelist on playback 1

Copy quelist X from que stack store to playback 1


How would I have to approuch this...?

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You can't AFAIK. You can activate cues from the store or fire cues in a list, change playback pages, and lots of things. But I don't think you can unload a cue list and load another onto the particular stack and page.


I would look at setting up what you want 'out in the open', not in the store, and then change pages etc. with macros to get to where you want to be.

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