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Can a theatre be run by volunteers?


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If some management and our current government had their own way most venues would be run by volunteers. I dont believe it is ethical or safe to run venues completely with volunteers.


Ethical? depends on your point of view, but without the entirely volunteer crew our local theatre wouldn't exist. Safe? Lots of experience, some people who used to do (and some who still do) teccie stuff for a living and one NEBOSH qualified volunteer. Yes, I think we work reasonably safely.

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Don't all "Little Theatre"s run that way? There's dozens of them around the country.

Actually I believe there are 103 of us currently each with 64 to 450 seats which are all run by volunteers. According to the Little Theatre Guild (LTG) website "... last year LTG theatres presented over 850 productions to an audience in excess of 630,000 patrons".


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