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Moving Lights wash or spots


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Ok Here is the scenario. I run a medium sided sound company but we do have a small lighting rig for the odd package gig.

The rig consists of a Avo Pearl, 6 4 Lamp bars, a 18channel dimmer rack and some trussing & Stands.

We are increasingly being asked to provide a moving light element to this lighting rig so I think I will bite the bullet and buy 4x 250 size moving heads (Secondhand).

So what should I look for?

Spot or Wash ?

Martin or clay paky

I'm interested in your opinions and experiences



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Personally, I think I'd go for a few spot units. You've got your wash pretty well covered with your 4 lamp bars, so getting some spot units would mean you could play with gobos. There are a lot of topics already on 250w moving heads, so it might be worth having a search through to find the benefits of the individual fixtures. To start you off, this thread recently proved very popular and resulted in the original poster making the decision to go with Mac 250s.
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Spot, for the reasons that Peter outlined.


Probably Martin, for two reasons - you mentioned second-hand, and there's a good selection of second-hand Mac250's to be had right now ; and if you ever need to augment your half-dozen with a few more for a larger gig, they're very easy to come by at hire companies so you'd have no trouble getting matching units.

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