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Chamsys midi que release


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Hi There,


Im diving into driving magicQ by midi. So far so good. The only thing I miss is the ability to map the "midi x note off" command to release a specific que. The only thing I could find is release a quelist by using the "u" command. Not an individual que within a quelist. I want to start and stop a que by drawing a one midi note. Now I need to draw a note to start a que and one to stop the same que.


Hope you can help...





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Release happens at playback level, rather than cue level which I think am right in saying is a similar concept in most consoles of this design. After all, what if that cue isn't the current one in the stack?


You could make a single cue playback / executor and release that. Or create a different MIDI fired cue that "undoes" the previous cues. Depends how you want it to work.


Edit: Actually, I think I might be talking rubbish. Will have further think later when more awake :)

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Yup, have thought about it. Using U and T direct via MIDI notes can only work at playback level OR stack in the Stack Store level. This means that you don't have to have the single cue stack actually on a playback. You can just Test and Untest if where it is. But it's still controlled a level above cue.


Tell us more about what you want from the final solution in terms of control and playback in the show?

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