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LED lanterns for outdoor use


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I'm lighting an outdoor show in the summer for which I'm contemplating going all LED. In the past I've used 32 long throw source Fours from lighting towers but with a closer trussed rig there is the opportunity to use smaller lanterns. In addition by going to LED's I actually calculate a 90% reduction in power which means a much smaller generator and significantly simplified cabling. All this will reduce the get in time (I have to have an operational rig in 12 hours from a green field.


So I'm looking for bright, waterproof , RGBW LED lanterns with a beam angle of about 30 degrees and possibly the ability to add barn doors. Any spec ideas and hire offers would be welcome.


Many thanks



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Presumably this is a theatre show not rock'n'roll.


You will be looking at LED pars, because decent LED profiles are stupidly expensive. Also RGBW led fixtures aren't great for face light for theatre. Although you can get some sort of white, it always looks funny, and if you just use the W it is quite dim. Various manufacturers make white LED pars.


I have used the Chauvet Colorado Tour units quite a bit, for relatively budget units they are impressive. They do a "WW" version which is white/ warm white, or "tri" or "quad" which is RGB or RGBW. The IP version is waterproof.

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Couple of options spring to my mind straight away which may be suitable to you!

Robe DLF wash in weather domes! RGBW mixing some beautiful colours, Good zoom and internal barn doors. Or maybe the Robin LED Wash? Just because it's a moving light doesn't mean it has to move :P

I-pix BB range is ip rated when sat upright. Maybe Anolis or Studio Due have something useable?


These are thoughts popping into my head. I'm trying to give practical answers with kit that's going to be available for you to hire!! No point suggesting some product that no one actually has in stock :)

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