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Suggestions for Walk on music needed


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For playback control in situations where things aren't fully scripted, I almost always fall back on SOUNDPLANT.


It's a simple bit of freeware (there's a paid version too...main difference being that the free is limited to wave files while the paid handles MP3 etc). It basically allows you to programme every key on your keyboard with a diffent audio track. However, there are also options about what happens on a second keypush, looping, level adjustment etc.


I tend to use it for corporate stuff and also pantos where the silly sound effects are different every show. In a corporate setting I can use a planned order for music but also give myself a selection of generic sound effects (say a da da DUM drum sound for when the head of marketing makes a bad joke) or loop the selected music on the fly if the CEO stops to chat on the way up.


As it's free, have a play.

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