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Showtec Phantom 50 issue


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Hi BR,

I've been told that a Showtec Phantom 50 has been displaying 'UI system reset'. I haven't seen the head in person yet but I can't find this error at all in the manual. Has anyone come across this fault? I've also been told the head doesn't like DMX and will pan and tilt into home position and just stay there.


Any help would be great!

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Grrr. Though this might be the case. Will try and see what I can do with it once I get round to looking at the head.




Go into menu - scroll down to Reset System - select YES and enter . Unit should now reset. If the unit still doesn't respond to DMX, power down, then power up.

The Phantom Series have a bug that sometimes the internal software doesn't load properly.


Was the unit truss mounted or on the floor when the fault happened


Stevie Lights

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