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Looking for Practitioners! Help!


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A quick but very important message to all technical minded people!


I am a Ba Hons student researching currently into "Creative Theatre", to cut a long story short I am trying to find some practitioners of whom has done one or more of the following:


  • Used photography during a live performance - Through video mixing and projection
  • Used Video mapping for performance in a unique or simple way
  • Used a creative method of performance for the means of a Dance show
  • Used camera angles / lighting / other various technology pieces to help create a different and unique performance style


Any comments will help massively, just at the moment I'm struggling for a stimulus or a practitioner that really catches my eye!

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Talk to Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis of Earthfall who have been interweaving video and dance for years.



The use of mixing film and stage performance is a speciality of the Brittonioni Brothers. Forkbeard

If you catch them in character believe one per cent of what you hear and nothing of what you see. They did have a video guide to the art of merging flesh and celluloid, ask them about it.

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