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I think the OP means Lightning, as in Thunder and Lightning :)


Perhaps a few parcans O/W pointing into the roofspare around the auditorium and all flicking around a little bit randomly to create a 3D effect (bringing audience into the play more) works quite well...

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I think the OP means Lightning, as in Thunder and Lightning



Must learn to read all the word and not the first few letters and guess the rest :)



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I had a set-up with pars dotted around in the rig in open white, which flashed in sequence, but only ever about three in any sequence, repeat however often you want lightning, then it looks like its coming from different places - more realistic.

I did find that you have to make the lightning a bit longer than is strictly naturalistic, as if you flash the pars too fast, they don't reach full brightness and you only get yellow lightning, as opposed to white lightning... (can't think of any clever ways to make a joke involving white lightning cider... but I'll keep thinking :) )

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If you used the above effect you could think about pre-heating the bubbles before you use them in the effect, so in other words having them plotted in at 5 or 10% in the couple of cues beforehand as they'll react quicker if they are warm. Also some dimemrs are far better at reacting, esp. at the lower end of the curves (ETC Sensors for instance!).


Or perahps gel up the pars with a heavy daylight filter such as a piece or two of L200 or L201 to make it look slightly more bluey white. One of those ideas you have to experiment with sometimes.




PS. Moderation carried out on the topic title to correct spelling.

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PARs are all very well and good but the reaction time is pretty rubbish. I acheive this effect by using photoflood bulbs in units like Patt 137 (ancient I know but they do the job and are a cheap unit too). Typically I put 4 out in random locations on the stage, creating a chase of say 11 steps and just put random steps in for example:


Step 1

Unit 1 @ 20%

Unit 2 @ 100%

Unit 3 @ 0%

Unit 4 @ 50%




Unit 1 @ 100%

Unit 2 @ 0%

Unit 3 @ 60%

Unit 4 @ 20%


Also, some steps where everything is on at 100% and a step where everything is off also creates the effect of appearing it to be faster than what it actually is.




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HI David


If you cannot use a strobe and halogen lighting will be to slow you could try LED's the Thomas Pixel Par 90 would strobe nicely, you will have to keep it away from the wall so you cant see all the LED's mixing together, but as long as its o.5 mtr away it would look good. LED units of one sort or another are generally available through rental companies.

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for small stages I find 2 PAR64 clear pointed frontstage centre on the second electric? - in the middle of the grid above the stage (sorry about the terminology don't know anything I can't speak thai so if I have to tell people where to rig I just point at the bar... when focussing just point at the floor) and then set toward the left... for a more 3D effect use 2 on the left and 2 on the right... if its a small rig just use the same fixtures your using as toplight (I used toplight to do it once but it worked as the hang position was weird so it was toplight at a 15 degree angle...)


ooo... Martin Atomic strobe is nice for lightning... as used at the academy awards because they were afraid no photographers would turn up...:)

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