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Slide show timings


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I have been asked to put 38 photos, that will be projected into a wall during an event all night on repeat, into a PowerPoint. My question is this how long should I set each slide to stay up for before it moves on to the next slide. The event will be on for approximately 4 hours.
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Nobody can answer this for you.


Some questions for you to consider:

What are the photos of?

How much detail is present in them?

Is there any writing to read?

What kind of event is it?

Is there music playing? What kind?

Who will be there - age / demographic?

What else is there to look at?

What else is there to do?

Is this the main focus?

Are people moving around or sitting still?

Will they be chatting to one another? Being presented to?


Think about all of that and pick a time. Try it. Does it feel right? If not, change it. There's no right answer.

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How long is a piece of string?


Is it words ? A word? detailed images? simple images? collages?


Maybe 10seconds? Maybe 5 seconds?


The key thing is what works, I find when I am flashing titles on dvd's 4 seconds works, but that is me.

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I'm involved in this quite regularly, school open events etc etc.


I tend to go with 5 or 6 seconds.

Less and it will be too quick to take in any detail, too long and it can get boring and people will look away, although that will largely depend on the content!


Question if you even need to use PowerPoint. Sledgehammers and peanuts come to mind.

If it's just a case of letting a bunch of pictures repeat in no particular order, then I often just set it running using Windows slide show, there may be similar on a Mac, if that's your poison.

Obviously PowerPoint gives you more features and control.

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